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The Burlington Junior Woman's Club meets the first Wednesday of every month (excluding July) at the John Robert Kernodle Senior Activities Center on Mebane Street in Burlington. The meetings begin promptly at 6:30 pm. If you would like someone to contact you about becoming a member please email us at the address listed below.


Each month we try to get together for a "Girls Night Out" or what we call our Social Events. All social events just like everything else is voluntary. We try to do different activites each month. Some of our past socials have included: dinner and a movie, bowling, wine tasting, roller skating, craft socials, karaoke, and more! A good time is had by all and what better way to get to know your fellow club women! Come join us for our next social event and see if BJWC is right for you!



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If you would like information about joining BJWC or where our next event will be, please email us at bjwclub@gmail.com.

Burlington Junior Woman's Club
PO Box 2584
Burlington, NC 27216-2584







A club member . . .

  • Attends meetings regularly; Stay informed and active.
  • Communicates. Stand up and make your voice heard. More than one club has been saved from an unwise decision by the voice of one individual.
  • Conserves the club’s financial resources. Keep expenses under control. Many worthwhile clubs have been disbanded because of waste or mismanagement of funds.
  • Encourages others. Be enthusiastic and a pleasure to be around.
  • Fulfills the duties of membership. Be willing to fulfill responsibilities as well as exercise rights.
  • Gives full credit where credit is due. Don’t hesitate to praise a fellow member for a job well done.
  • Maintains a sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously or others not seriously enough.
  • Is personally involved. Try to inject a warm personal note in club work. Blend gentleness with firmness when taking a stand.
  • Keeps the purpose of the club in mind. If certain goals or methods appear to be outdated, take the necessary steps to update them.
  • Perseveres amidst shortcomings and difficulties. Expect frustration and difficulty when dealing with people. Be ready to try and try again. Willingness to continue will benefit everyone.
  • Prepares for each meeting. Be prepared for meetings, a lack of preparation is one of the main reasons for unproductive meetings.
  • Promotes the spirit of teamwork. Don’t let the club be crippled by a membership that splinters into uncooperative or hostile cliques.
  • Resolves differences. Be a peacemaker – when misunderstandings, disputes and clashes arise, help to clear the air by trying to reach a peaceful accord.
  • Respects other club members. Give others appreciation and cooperation.
  • Thinks for herself. Take the effort to be a thinker instead of a perennial “yes” member.

-Taken from the GFWC 2000 – 2002 Administration Book

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